Adite Banerjie | Author & Screenwriter
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Trouble Has a New Name
No safe zone Final2

Adite Banerjie is a

romance author, screenwriter

and blogger.

Hello and welcome to my world of words.

I’m a storyteller. And I have been telling stories for some time. First as a journalist, later as a creator of content. A few years ago I started mining the real world to write fiction.

What you will find here are updates about my published books and spec screenplays, book and movie reviews, interviews with writers and filmmakers and some fun stuff. If you are a reader, you might want to check out my writing. If you are a writer you might find something to inspire you. Or just entertain you.

Writing may be a solitary occupation but in a connected world it is more of an adventure and I hope to share my tales with you and be enriched by your thoughts too. Keep visiting.