Adite IIIIHello and welcome to my world of words.

I’m a storyteller. And I have been telling stories for some time. First as a journalist, later as a creator of content. A few years ago I started mining the real world to write fiction.

What you will find here are updates about my writing projects, info about my published books, book and movie reviews, interviews with writers and filmmakers and some fun stuff. If you are a writer you might find something to inspire you. Or just entertain you.

Writing may be a solitary occupation but in a connected world it is more of an adventure and I hope to share my tales with you and be enriched by your thoughts too. Keep visiting. :)

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13 Responses to Welcome!

  1. Indeed Adite sometimes unscripted scripts work best. The twists and turns just happen to take you to the right place after all.

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  2. Padma Narayanaswamy says:

    Great . I like your blogs and as a writer I like your racy style . I also belong to the category that slumdog sell poverty and to counter it I have penned a script titled My Indian sister

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  3. ace says:

    Hello Adite –

    Congratulations on your blog and your first screenwriting job, that’s quite an accomplishment to be proud of and yes, somethings are meant to be.

    Also, thank you for linking 1st 10 pages — I look forward to keeping up with your adventure!

    All the best to you and your endeavors,

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  4. Blood-Ink-Diary says:

    Adite, thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. People like you are needed to make great films – just read about your aspirations, keep it up.
    do viist again, as I shall too.
    By the way, “Amin” is not my film, I think because the director and I have same name – you must have thought its mine. Nah! The film director is Shahin Palhami.
    Yes, I have deep appreciation for Indian cinematographers like Satyajit da whom I completely adore!
    Nice to meet you.
    Shaheen Sultan Dhanji (bloodinkdiary)

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  5. I am constantly browsing online for ideas that can benefit me. Thx!

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  6. Anu says:

    Adite Ji, I loved one of your reviews that I read. Your experience shows through your language.

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  7. Glad to have met you through Wriimo.
    My dream is to write a novel that screenwriters snap up to make films out of.

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  8. Hi Adite,
    I am new to this blog of yours. New to this blogging world also. I love your writing style. Hope to read more from you.

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  9. Rachaita H says:

    Wonderful blog here. :)

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